Jun 19, 2015

Introducing the new Young Living starter kit....

Hello my lavender droplets!  I'm super excited to announce the launch of the new Young Living Starter kit today!  They have been working hard to change up the kit so that we receive the most useful and popular oils at the best deal possible!!

If you are familiar with the previous starter kit, then you will notice that 3 of the oils have been replaced!  The new oil is Copiaba and the 2 new blends are RC and Digize.

In addition to the new oils, you will also get:

Your choice of diffuser!!!! How fun!!  Plus, I love the new sharing system.  Not only do you have samples with 4 drops in each, but you also have sample bottles!  This small bottles are perfect to pour essential oils in and share with your friends!

Finally, in the event that Young Living should run out of any of the essential oils in the new Premium Starter Kit, they are introducing flex oils.  The five flex oils selected are: lemongrass, orange, and tea tree essential oils, as well as AromaEase and Citrus Fresh blends.

This new kit is now available for you to purchase.  The price is $160 and is a FANTASTIC deal.  Head over HERE to order yours today!!

Here's a little video introducing the new starter kit: