Learn about Essential Oils

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I also have a great online Health and Wellness: Introduction to Essential Oils class!

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In this class, you will learn:

 ~what exactly essential oils are
 ~why I have chosen Young Living as my only source for essential oils
 ~the different ways to use essential oils
 ~what specific oils to start with and how they can benefit you
 ~additional supplements and products that can support your health

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Need a little more education?  Check out this amazing video on Young Living's Seed to Seal promise:

Disclaimer: Please note that despite my complete obsession with essential oils, I’m not a doctor, just a fellow mom.  I am not diagnosing, curing, prescribing, or treating anything.  If you are under the care of a physician, please consult them before using essential oils.  I am passionate about promoting good health and all the information I am sharing with you today comes from the Essential Oil Desk Reference and my own personal experience.  As with anything, there are differing opinions among experts, reference guides, and essential oil users.   I am constantly researching and learning about essential oils and I feel safe and confident when I use them.  Please use this class to spark further research on your part so that you can also feel safe and confident when you use your essential oils as well!