Oct 1, 2015


Stinky dogs.  No thank you.

We have two doggie fur babies in our family.  Penny is our Jack RusselTerrier mix.  She is low-maintenance, prefers not to exert herself, and loves to eat excessively.  Mack is our German Short-hair.  He is everything opposite of Penny: loud, playful, goofy, high-energy, and can outrun you on your bike.

My sweet girl, Izzy, loves to care for Penny.  She bathes her and brushes her fur and takes her on walks.  Poor Mack does not get the same attention, as bathing him requires multiple adults at the same time.  His baths are few and far between.

The solution?  An in-between Dog Deodorant Mist.  If you aren't wanting your house to smell like a kennel and your dogs to smell like they have a buzzard strapped to their chests, then try this easy DIY mist.  It is cheap to make, and has no perfumes, dyes, parabens, phthalates, or alcohol.

There are a variety of Essential Oils to use.  Here are a couple great combinations:

10 drops Lavender* and 5 drops Purification* ~ For the dog in your life that stinks and has sensitive skin.

10 drops Lavender* and 5 drops Tea Tree* ~ For the dog in your life that has skin irritations and may need additional support deterring outdoor annoyances.

10 drops R.C.* and 5 drops Lavender ~ For the dog in your life that needs extra support for his/her respiratory system.

15 drops Stress Away* or Peace and Calming* ~ For the dog in your life that needs to smell good and calm the heck down.

Penny is more of a Lavender and Tea Tree kinda gal.  Mack leans towards the Stress Away blend. Ha!

Young Living also offers a great line of Essential Oil products for pet and animal care.  From shampoos and ointments to oil blends that support digestion, support healing, and deter annoyances. Here is a link to their product line: Animal Care

Essential Oils aren't just for dogs!  They are becoming increasingly popular in the daily routine for horses as well!  Check out this great article:  My Home Remedies for Horses includes Essential Oils, Does Yours?

*Not all essential oils are created equally. Most essential oils that you buy in stores are not pure and could do harm if applied topically or ingested.  Do your research as to which oils are safe.  I have spent hours upon hours of looking into Young Living and I fully trust their process in extracting essential oils without harsh chemicals or high temperatures.  

There are a lot of essential oils mentioned in this post and most of them come in a fabulous starter kit.  Want to know where to get them?  Follow this link HERE.  I am running a great sign-up bonus this month.  Be sure to check it out!

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I will fool you with my serious face.  I'm intently watching that beef jerky in your hand.
Don't make any sudden movements or it's mine.
Did someone say beef jerky?
Beef jerky.. wait, there's a bird.. wait, look at that leaf falling.  OMG, is that a car passing?
And just to keep it real.. These are how most of my pictures with Mack turn out.  It is a MIRACLE
to get him still enough for a picture!!