Apr 9, 2016

Lavender-Rosemary Deodorant

Anti-perspirant is one of the most toxic body care products you can put on your skin.  The active ingredient in most is an aluminum-based compound that temporarily plugs the sweat glands so that you do not sweat.  Over time, this can build up and may cause health problems.

Switching to a more natural anti-perspirant/deodorant is a must in living toxin-free.  It is important to note that when you make the switch, your armpits will go through a "detox" period that could last a couple weeks.  When I made the switch, man was I stinky!  But, now that I've been using natural products for over 5 months, I've leveled out.

I tend to be on the more sensitive side, so I opt for recipes or products that have a lower amount of baking soda in them.  I love this recipe because it works and smells great!  If I exercise or work outside, I simply apply again and it does the job!  As always, the beauty of DIY products is that you can change them to fit your personal needs. I hope this recipe helps you start your journey to toxin-free deodorant use!!

Combine in a bowl:
3 Tablespoons Arrowroot Powder
2 Tablespoons Cornstarch
2 Tablespoons Baking Soda
optional:  2 capsules Probiotics

5 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil*
4 drops Rosemary Essential Oil*

Mix vigorously until all clumps are gone and the mixture is well-blended.
Place in container and add label!

Note: The above picture features a 2 oz tin container.  This recipe actually makes 2 of these containers, or 4 oz of deodorant, which can easily fit in a 4 oz. jelly jar.  OR, you can make 2 containers and share with a friend! :)

If you want these cute 2 inch labels, simple email me and I'm happy to share! 


*Not all essential oils are created equally. Most essential oils that you buy in stores are not pure and could do harm if applied topically, inhaled, or ingested.  Do your research as to which oils are safe.  I have spent hours upon hours of looking into Young Living and I fully trust their process in extracting essential oils without harsh chemicals or high temperatures.  Want to know where to get them?  Follow this link HERE.  Be sure to check it out!