May 17, 2016

Honey Orange Body Wash

I am oh so in love with this super simple body wash.  Since originally making this recipe, I have recreated it using Lavender* Essential Oil and Vanilla.  You could easily substitute any Essential Oil favorite!!

Bonner's Castile Soap is fantastically pure and toxin free.  The unscented variety can be used as a base in any soap recipe.. from shampoo, to handsoap, to body wash.  However, it can drying.  In this recipe, I've added a little Sweet Almond Oil for moisture.  In addition, honey is a fantastic moisturizer.  It conditions the skin and I love how I feel after I use it.

¼ Cup Bonner’s Castile Soap
2 Tablespoons Sweet Almond Oil
2 Tablespoons Honey
30 drops Orange Essential Oil*

Place all ingredients in a glass bowl and mix with an electric
mixer until just combined.  Using a funnel, pour into glass jar
and attach label.

This recipe is for a 2 oz bottle.  Adjust your amounts to make a larger amount.  It is important to mix the ingredients with a mixer.  The honey and oil will seperate from the soap as it sits in your shower.  It will easily remix with a shake if the mixture was blended to begin with.  Enjoy!

*Not all essential oils are created equally. Most essential oils that you buy in stores are not pure and could do harm if applied topically, inhaled, or ingested.  Do your research as to which oils are safe.  I have spent hours upon hours of looking into Young Living and I fully trust their process in extracting essential oils without harsh chemicals or high temperatures.  Want to know where to get them?  Follow this link HERE.  Be sure to check it out!